• John,

    Will you please tell Marty, Mike, Derek and Willie how much we appreciate how well they do the work in the cemetery, especially how they make every effort to please the family when they are present. They represent the company in a professional manner.


    Gordon T. Combs
  • Dear John,

    Rosie’s memorial left me speechless. Your generosity overwhelmed both of us!


    Joan & Ed Strouse
  • In life it’s nice to be important-but it is also important to be nice and I spoke with three of the workers and that is what I got, important and nice.

    Mrs. JoAnne Johnson & Mrs. Louise Johnson
  • Hi John

    I was down in NC over the weekend and wanted you to know how pleased I was with the stone & bench that was set at my son’s grave. When I first pulled into the cemetery the setup jumped right out at me. The craftsmanship of these pieces are amazing. We have received tremendous praise on the beauty of our son’s resting place. I just can’t say enough on how proud your company has made me feel. The crew that set these up was extremely professional and mindful. They treated this like it was their own and their workmanship showed. We will be back to order matching headstones, there are 3 other plots there for us. I would recommend you to everyone I meet. You have made this extremely difficult time in my life a stress free experience. God bless you and your family.


    Susan Taylor
  • Thank you so much for your support with our Leadership project. The monument serves as a reminder that the people buried in the cemetery have not been forgotten. We could have never accomplished this without your support.


    The Leadership Wayne County Class 2008-2009
  • Complex Columnar Monument by Greenville Marble & Granite

    The magnificent memorial on the back cover is demonstration of the Workmanship available from Greenville Marble & Granite. Owner John Conway, III said the 16 pieces demanded precision hand-tooling and sawing so that the components assembled perfectly. Imposing in both size and design, the monument is in the Bethel City Cemetery at Bethel, North Carolina. It was designed by John Conway, III.

    Excerpt from the Graniteer magazine, Elberton, GA
  • Darlene,

    The monument is beautiful. Thanks so much for everyone’s help. The gentlemen that erected it were very nice and thoughtful.

    Thanks so much

    The Sasnett Family
  • Joe,
    I am sooo pleased with the stone. There have been so many comments about it. I posted it on Charlie’s web page for all to see. Thank you for helping us during this difficult time.
    Can you please tell me where the actual stone came from? This would be a little interesting trivia for our scrapbook.

    Thanks again,

    Cindy I. Vaughan
  • Thank you all so very much; it (the memorial) is BEAUTIFUL. The guys that set it were very proffessional and their kindness is greatly appreciated. If there is anyway please extend our gratitude to them! I will always remember your patience and understanding throughout the process and finalization of the headstone. Suzanne, you are a great asset to your company! God bless you all and again, thank you!

    Donna Lassiter
  • Dear Gordon,

    I wanted to express my gratitude to you and Tamara for your assistance, guidance and patience in helping our Sunday School class find the perfect angel to honor Lola with and a special addition to the Parlor at our church.
    The angel looks beautiful on the shelf under the arch. Thank you for the extra effort you gave by delivering her and placing her in the parlor. We will all be able to enjoy her beauty in years to come. She was definitely worth the wait!

    Thank you,

    Faye Ward
  • Dear Martha & Tamara:

    I had visited with Martha several times, she is such a sweet and laid back person. It is always a pleasure to talk with her; she knows the monument business very well.

    Thank you both for your guidance in the selection of our stone. Tamara, you did such a great job on the layout, it was awesome.

    Let us not forget the young man who did the engraving (Gary) and also the young men who set the stone. They were very professional!

    We were overjoyed when we saw the stone in the cemetery. We were also told it was the prettiest stone in the cemetery.

    Again, let us thank all of you for your professionalism. It was a pleasure doing business with you all. I would certainly recommend you and your staff to anyone.

    You can’t beat the price or the service!


    Robin & Sam Scrivens
  • Dear John,

    On behalf of my family living and deceased-please accept my gratitude for your kindness and generosity in helping bring a sad chapter in my family’s history to a positive close. John, thank you for your friendship.

    Most Sincerely,

    Walter B. Jones, Member of Congress
  • The stone is exactly what we wanted. We love it and appreciate all you did to make it possible. Thanks for your kindness during this time. We will defnitely recommend your company to others. Have a blessed day.

    Pamela J. Baker
  • Dear Joe,

    I finally got to NC and got to see the headstone. It is a beautiful piece of workmanship and I am proud of it…


    Trilby Mays